Writing a design brief for students

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Writing a design brief for students

Potential research collaborators Funding bodies, donors and sponsors Think about your audiences. Who are the primary and secondary users of your website? What do you know about them?

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When writing this section of the design brief, identify the main users of the website and the top tasks you think they need to perform on the site. More information on user research in our guide: User research methods Content It is helpful for the digital agency to understand the range of content types you think you will need on your website, e.

Many of your early assumptions will change as you do more research and start developing a content strategy for your site. If there are particularly obvious pieces of content that you think should be highlighted on the home page, you can include them in the brief.

Again, bear in mind these may change as you research your main users, their top tasks and dig deeper into the objectives of the site. In some cases there may be a reason not to use the UCL visual identity, e. Most developers will recommend a technical solution that best meets your functional requirements.

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However, it can be helpful to note whether there are any technical constraints on the project, e. Skills and governance structure It is important to decide who will manage the project and make decisions such as agreeing the information architecture, signing-off the design, and uploading the content.

At this early stage, it helps to include some or all of the following in your brief: Who will be responsible for the ongoing management of content on the site?

What editorial skills do they have? How much time do they have to perform this function? How much additional support is available to them? Who will be responsible for the ongoing technical development of the site?

What technical skills do they have?

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Contents of a design and development brief However, they are very closely related. Sometimes this may be given to you as a question set by the teacher or the Examinations Board and is usually a paragraph of writing.

Who will make strategic decisions about the direction, resourcing, growth and funding of the site? Even if you can afford a website with a great design and lots of interesting features, you may not have the internal skills or resources to manage and maintain it properly.

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Websites should be developed with ongoing maintenance in mind; otherwise they can fall into disrepair. Target launch date It is useful to indicate if you have a launch date in mind for the new website so that the digital agency can make sure they are able to meet it.

Budget There are differing opinions on whether to include the budget available for the project in the brief. The advantage of including it is that the quotes you get from digital agencies will be comparable and affordable.

This makes it difficult to compare and judge.

writing a design brief for students

If you do include the budget available, agencies may be tempted to quote for unnecessary work or at a higher rate than normal. However, you can request that the design agency gives you a complete breakdown of their costs. That way, if the quote exceeds your budget, you can easily decide which elements of the work to remove.Writing a design brief Information on how to prepare a clear design and development brief whether you're developing a new website or redesigning an existing one.

Preparing a brief will help you to think about your project in a structured way and make it easier for the agency to meet your expectations.

writing a design brief for students

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