Top line business plan

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Top line business plan

It is placed at the top of the income statement, as each subsequent line item references an expense or loss that must be deducted from the gross figure featured on the top line.

top line business plan

Expenses can include any payments made in order to support the production of goods or rendering of a service. Capital losses incurred through depreciation can also be deducted. Common expenses include, but are not limited to, the cost of materials required to manufacture the goods that were sold as well as any operating expenses.

Applicable taxes are also deducted from this running total. The Top Line vs. The bottom line reflects the net income, which is often listed as the last, or bottom, line on a company's income statement.

The bottom line reflects what remains once all of the necessary expenses have been deducted from the top line, and reflects the amount of profit that was generated during the statement period. Top Line Growth Top line growth refers to an increase in the gross revenue brought into a company, and does not guarantee an increase in profit.

Growth in this area may lead to growth in the bottom line only if it is not offset by increased expenses.

When top line growth is solely related to increased sales due to increased production, the increased costs of production must be deducted from the top line in order to determine the new bottom line. Identifying Financial Statements The income statement may also be referred to as a statement of revenue and expense, or a profit and loss statement.

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What's the difference between bottom-line and top-line growth?

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