Tartuffe reaction paper

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Tartuffe reaction paper

Although the play was originally condemned as an outright attack on religion and devout people, a proper reading suggests just the opposite. Works such as Tartuffe in fact help to protect and promote religion by exposing impostors for who they really are and demonstrating the real danger they pose to society when they go unchallenged.

The reactions of the various characters of the play to the hypocrite, Tartuffe, serve to remind the audience of the importance of clear thinking in a world where some people will take advantage of simple thinking and blind trust. Orgon is unable to see the absurdity of the restrictions that Tartuffe places on his family.

The play sets forth the theme of the importance of a well-ordered soul living in a well-ordered society under the virtue of reason. The dishonest intentions of one man wreak havoc on many lives.

Tartuffe reaction paper

Tartuffe and his kind have power only when ordinary citizens willfully give up their ability to think for themselves. In the end, the audience sees Orgon as remorseful for foolishly placing his trust in Tartuffe; he is also angry.

In his anger, he inappropriately asserts that religion has been the cause of all the calamity that he and his family have undergone.Elmire is mostly presented as an object of desire, but she does show some agency in her machinations against Tartuffe.

Further, in her controlled reaction to his lechery, she reveals a maturity and sophisticated understanding of the world. Mariane is absolutely stereotypical, as the obedient and passive daughter whose purpose in the play is. COSTUME DESIGN FOR TARTUFFE BY MOLIÈRE by Shannon L.

Paulick A THESIS “Tartuffe: The Costume Design Process” is a paper that describes the conceptualization, creation, and critique of the costume design chosen for the Johnny not cause a reaction resulting in threats of violence from Madame Pernelle.


Tartuffe reaction paper

Jean Baptiste Poquelin Moliere Essay. John Baptiste Poquelin was born in Paris, France on the fifteenth of January, in the year (The Literature Network) - Jean Baptiste Poquelin Moliere Essay introduction.

He is popularly known as Moliere, from a well-off family of a long line of skilled workers, artisans, and tradesmen. Tartuffe by ashio-midori.com Florida International University Theatre Appreciation THE - Spring Guidelines Word Reaction Paper-1 (1).pdf.

5 pages. Gloria ashio-midori.com Florida International University Theatre Appreciation THE - Spring Reaction Paper; SOPHOMORE RESEARCH PAPER ASSIGNMENT.

The paper only has to be just one of the literary works that are listed below that we read this semester.-Agamemnon-Dante (poems Purgatorio and Paradiso () – “handbook” The Prince-Tartuffe \”HAS TO HAVE AT LEAST 4 secondary sources.

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