Reading and writing arabic script

Zarma language of the Songhay family. It is the language of the southwestern lobe of the West African nation of Niger, and it is the second leading language of Niger, after Hausa, which is spoken in south central Niger. It was written by Bilali Mohammet in the 19th century. The document is currently housed in the library at the University of Georgia.

Reading and writing arabic script

The following will be used as standard through out my pages: Omar O-marand a double letter in the middle; the first is considerd a constant and the second a vowel depending on the mark e. Sae'd Sa-eedSua'd Su-aad. Exception is if the mark is "skoon" or at the end where it may be marked by " ' " e.

At the begining of a word, "alef" with kassra is written as English "I" and is pronounced as in "inn" to differentiate it from "ain" with kassra which is written as English "E" or "E' " and is pronounced as in "ego" e. Iman E-manEsam or Esam E-sam.

At the begining of a word, "alef" with damma is written as English "U" and is pronounced as in "Uno" to differentiate it from "ain" with damma which is written as English "O" or "O' " and is pronounced as in "own" e.

Usama U-sa-maOmar or O'mar O-mar. All the vowels with a hamza are considered as constants and the rules below apply e. When placed at the begining, "ai" and "ay" are interchangable; they almost sound like "eye" e. Any where else the rules below apply.

Fad-ia or Fad-yaMun-ia-ti or Mun-ya-ti. Morshed Mor-shedKhaled Kha-led otherwise if they are to be pronounced separetly, rule 4 below applies. A name of foreign origin used here may be written in that language rather than how it sounds in Arabic e.

In some cases numbers replace letters. The only numbers used here are: When reading a name it should be divided into syllables according to the following rules in conjuction with the notes above: A vowel at the begining of a word is a syllable if followed by one constant only e.

Learn to read, write and pronounce Arabic

Omar O-mar or Iman I-man. Two vowels at the begining of the word are a syllable e. Aida Ai-da or Eid Ei-d. Ya-seen, Mah-mood, You-sef or Hu-sain Rule 4: Two consecutive constants can not be in the same syllable e. There are always other exceptions but you will figure them out.Arabic Reading Course ARABIC ALPHABET- NAMES.

Tamil Script Writing

In this lesson we will learn the Arabic Alphabet In-Shā’-Allâh (God Willing). The lesson is designed to teach the names of all the alphabets. Click on the letters to hear how the letter names are pronounced.

Finally, please note that the Arabic script is read from right to left. Please read. Tamil Script Writing. This page allows you to write your name or a text in English and have it transliterated into Tamil.

Simply write in English, once you press SPACE or hit ENTER you will see the phonetics of what you wrote in Tamil. If you want to learn how to read and write all the letters of the Arabic alphabet fast and without rote learning, then check out Arabic Genie's The Magic Key To The Arabic Alphabet.

reading and writing arabic script

mystery of the Arabic script and learning how to read and write it. In this book, you will be introduced to the Arabic alphabet with the basic skills for reading, writing, and understanding Arabic as it appears in newspapers, current literature, and educational materials.

Before You Start. Read and Write Arabic Script will help you read and write simple Arabic.

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This book is a step-by-step introduction to the script that will enable you to read Arabic signs, /5(4). Master reading and writing Arabic Script. Designed for the beginning student of the Arabic language, this tutorial provides an easy-to-understand, practical guide to this elegant script.

With thorough lessons, this tutorial explains the basic letter shapes, ligatures, and a.

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