Re thinking the watchtowers or 13 reasons air should be in the north

It is from a Wicca perspective. The email discussion about it was in a Feri context. The original site is no longer up, but it can be read here:

Re thinking the watchtowers or 13 reasons air should be in the north

Monday, December 31, The Watchtowers This article is the result of research done on the Watchtowers and their correspondence to the Circle within Traditional British Witchcraft, commonly referred to as Traditional British Wica.

This article will explain why some Traditions correspond the north with air, east with earth, and will provide a reasonable explanation for the traditional correspondence of north with earth, air with east. The reasoning for north to air and east to earth is stated in the article titled: This article is considered by some to be absolute evidence of why air should be placed in the north, but when viewed closely one will find that the evidence in this article are inaccurate and misleading.

In the following article: Traditional Watchtowers, explains why the article written by Mike Nichols is considered inaccurate from the traditional standpoint and is considered misleading information. I was a teenager then, and a recent initiate to the religion of Wicca. Like most neophytes, I was eager to begin work on my Book of Shadows, the traditional manuscript liturgical book kept by most practicing Witches.

I copied down rituals, spells, recipes, poems, and tables of correspondences from every source I could lay hands on.

Those generally fell into two broad categories: Today, photocopying and even email attachments are becoming de rigueur.

Seldom, if ever, did anyone pause to consider where these rituals came from in the first place, or who composed them. Most of us, alas, did not know and did not care.

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It was enough just to follow the rubrics and do the rituals as prescribed. But something brought me to an abrupt halt in my copying frenzy. I had dutifully copied rituals from different sources, and suddenly realized they contained conflicting elements.

Re thinking the watchtowers or 13 reasons air should be in the north

This gave rise to the more general questions about where a ritual came from in the first place. Was it created by one person or many? Was it ever altered in transmission?


If so, was it by accident or intent? Is there ever any way to find out? From another, older, Book of Shadows? Or from a published source? If so, where did the author of the published work get it? I had barely scratched the surface, and yet I could already see that the questions being raised were very complex.

Now, all these years later, I am more convinced than ever of the daunting complexity of Neo-Pagan liturgical history. And I am equally convinced of the great importance of this topic for a thorough understanding of modern Witchcraft.

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My own coven equated north with air. How odd, I thought. The high priestess told me it had been copied out of a number of published sources. Further, she said she had never seen it listed any other way.

I raced home and began tearing books from my own library shelves. Practically every book I consulted gave the following associations as standard: Then where the heck did I get the idea that air belonged in the north? A quick long-distance phone call put my mind at ease on that score.

By now, I felt miffed that my own tradition seemed to be at variance with most published sources. Nor were those of my fellow coven members, all of whom put air in the north. Further, over the years I had amassed lots of associations and correspondences that seemed to require air to be in the north.

The very thought of air in the east offended both my sense of reason and my gut-level mythic sensibilities.

There are good reasons to place air in the north. And the whole mythological superstructure would collapse if air were in the east, instead. If this is so, then why do most published sources place earth in the north and air in the east?

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RE-THINKING THE WATCHTOWERS or 13 Reasons Air should be in the North by Mike Nichols copyright by Mike Nichols Introduction It all started 20 years ago. I was 16 years old then, and a recent initiate to the religion of Wicca.

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For a deeper discussion on the placement of the Elements in ritual circles, see the article Re-thinking the Watchtowers: 13 Reasons Air Should Be In The North.

If air is associated with the north point of the magic circle, and earth is east, then one achieves a yin/yang alternation as one circumambulates the circle. As one passes the cardinal points of east, south, west, and north, one passes feminine, masculine, feminine, masculine energies.

In many Wicca beginner books, the Elements are assigned as follows: Earth=North, Air=East, Fire=South, and Water=West. According to some sources, the traditional set-up reverses Earth and Air, placing Air in the north and Earth in east.

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