Quotes about essay why i love pakistan

Essay 08 - How to attempt Quotation based essays? Pakistan Quotes - BrainyQuote Pakistan Quotes from BrainyQuote, an extensive collection of quotations by famous authors, celebrities, and Pakistan is a peace-loving, democratic country. I will tell you why I love you.

Quotes about essay why i love pakistan

Pakistan is my home as this is my own country.

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In the map of the world this country Pakistan came into existence in year and to get this free land Muslims has given many sacrifices. This is a history of the world that no other nation or country has achieve their target and such importance as Pakistan gets in short spam of time and short period of struggle but this struggle need many sacrifices and the Muslims of the sub continent never step back even sacrificing their own lifes.

The Question here is why i love Pakistan then i did not love my country as this is a Muslim country but because this is the country where we live freely and can perform my prayers to ALLAH almighty without any hesitation or terror. This country has given me an identity as the citizen of the Independent Islamic State of the world.

In the purpose of getting Pakistan for the Muslims of the sub continent the main purpose is to get a separate identity to feel secure. A country where all the Muslims could spend their life according to teaching of Allah and the Holy Prophet Sunnah.

This feels a pride for me that i open my eyes in a Muslim country where all the rules and regulation of the state is according to the Islam.

Slavery is a curse as if we did not demand our different identity in the shape of Pakistan then we are not as free as we are these days. We are free in our political, Social, religious as well as in the educational fields too.

In the country Pakistan Non Muslim and other are also free to live their life according to their own religion as they are free to enjoy freedom of worship because this is also according to the Islam to give free hand in worship other communities.

In the whole world the people of Pakistan are known for their bravery and courage. In Pakistan there are many group as divided according to the cast or area but the best thing is they are all integrated through the Islam and its teaching. More of our population are living in villages as they are sincere as well as Frank people they work really hard to produce the crop which we eat.


They are really lovers of Islam that is why are always ready to help others when they need them. Pakistan is also a country which is known for its beauty it has fine resorts and many sight seeing places too. We have many beautiful places of green valley in hills which are covered with flowers.

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We have swat valley which is as beautiful and attractive as Switzerland. Our Gilgit valley has beautiful natural scenery and high mountain covered with snow.

The K2 mountain is the second highest mountain in the whole world. Every Pakistani heart is filled with the true patriotism.23 March In Pakistan History essay Speech Lahore Resolution is having importance In Pakistan History. Pakistan Day Speech and Essay in English with the complete words for students available here so if you need 23 March Essay Or 23 March Speech then here it is.

Aug 24,  · Essay: [Why I Love Pakistan] English Essay on "Why I Love Pakistan" Why I Love Pakistan. Pakistan is my mother-land.

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Quotes about essay why i love pakistan

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Quotes about essay why i love pakistan

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Why I Love Pakistan Essay / Speech With Quotes