Pig farming business plan in nigeria lagos

Pig are animals that basically feed on anything and their feed are also very chap and are everywhere, their local feed can also be easily sourced without much stress. You can easily plant some of this feed to save feed cost so piggery is one of the easiest farm business in Nigeria with so much profit.

Pig farming business plan in nigeria lagos

Currently two piggery estates exist in the state. These are Oke Aro and Gberigbe in Ifo and Ikorodu local government areas respectively with a total of pens being managed by farmers of the total 2, pig farmers in the state.

Pig farmers are also spread across Ojo, Alimoso, Badagry and Ikorodu local government areas; that the state has a total ofpigs of which about 43 percent are reared in the Oke Aro and Gberigbe estates.

Leveraging on this huge potential in piggery value chain will increase pig production by 20 percent, increase sales by 30 percent as well as employment generation by 30 percent in the next five years The Oke Aro Farm Settlement has been a good source of income for men and women that come from Oke-Aro itself, Agbado, Ope ilu and other surrounding towns and villages.

Raising pigs can be pursued as a small-scale operation as source of family meat and supplement income or it can be made into a large-scale operation. Pigs may be raised in highly controlled environments hog lots indoor, in open spaces or barns as breeding sows or grown and sold for slaughter to butcher shops.

Here are the aspects of pig raising that a grower must carefully consider: Choosing Piglets to Raise Pig feeders can be obtained from stock breeders, and producers, in auctions and classified ads.

Pigs are of different breeds some of them are well suited for specific environments, indoor or outdoor. Crossbred pigs tend to grow faster, consume feed more efficiently and are vigorous.

When buying a feeder, choose the large and healthy looking ones, at least 25 lbs. If you are choosing a male, which is observed to grow slightly faster than females, get one that is already castrated. Male or female, they are preferably immunized.

Ask the breeder for health information and stock of the breeder. Proper Nutrition for Pigs Pigs feed on both grains and meat.

pig farming business plan in nigeria lagos

They can also be fed with cooked table scraps and vegetables. Corn is their most common food, but they could benefit from having a diet with protein from soybeans or cooked meat. Further, they grow faster with vitamins and other supplements.

Piglets have higher protein requirements than mature ones. Feeds can be bought packaged and in bulk. Pigs must also have adequate supply of drinking water daily, about two to four gallons.

How To Start Pig Farm Business In Nigeria - Agriculture - Nairaland

Provide water either through a tub or automatic nipple waterer. Ideal Housing for Pigs Pigs need housing to keep them warm during cold temperatures and to shelter them from excessive heat.

Pigs are sensitive to heat and could die from heat stress. When housed indoors, temperature conditions must be well regulated.Pig Farming in Nigeria; 9 Steps to start + Free practical farm training March 11, by Steve O.

Courage Pig farming business is the act of rearing piglets or weaners till maturity for commercial ashio-midori.com involves getting the right piglets, vaccines and vaccination and the management of a piggery in Nigeria.

How To Start Pig Farming In Nigeria (Modern Pig Farming Method)

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Pig Farming Business Plan In Nigeria PDF / Feasibility Study. Pig farming also known as piggery is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria due to the high demand of pork meat and its very interesting that this business is not very common and that is why pig farmers are making a fortune from this business.

Pig Farming Business Plan In Nigeria PDF / Feasibility Study. Ministry of Agriculture in Lagos State said that the state has the potentials of making over $2,, every year from pig farming. In Oke Aro Lagos where they have the biggest pig farm in Sub Sahara.

Starting Pig Farming in Nigeria

Pig farming or piggery is a very lucrative farm practices in Nigeria because pig feeding are cheap & available.

90% of their feed composition is waste Pig farming or piggery as it is fondly called is one of the most lucrative farming practices in Nigeria. setting up a pig farming piggery business Nigeria Currently there are two main piggery estates in Nigeria and they are both in Lagos State, Nigeria.

There is one at Oke Aro and another is at Gberigbe in Ikorodu. You need to plan your pen in such a way where it will accommodate all the animals you intend to breed and to prevent.

Pig Farming Business Plan In Nigeria PDF - Sample Template