Philippine president history

Messenger Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte speaks his mind. He does not back down.

Philippine president history

The Republic of the Philippines is one of the island countries that form the Southeast Asian region.

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Being an island nation, the Philippines an archipelago comprised of 7, islands within the Pacific Ocean. The Philippines is a unitary state with a democratic government under the Presidential system.

The President, who serves a single six-year term, is elected through a popular vote.

Philippine president history

He or she is both the head of government and state. As the head of government, the President has a responsibility of appointing and chairing the Cabinet. The President is also the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces and has the powers to declare Martial Law. Through consultation with the Commission on Appointments, he or she can appoint departmental heads, ambassadors, and other high-ranking government officials.

The most notable Presidents of the Philippines through history are looked at below. Emilio Aguinaldo Emilio Aguinaldo was a military, political, and revolutionary leader who served as the inaugural President of Philippines. Aguinaldo Philippine president history from January 23, until March 23, Before becoming the President, he led the country against Spain in the Philippines Revolution betweenand Upon assuming office, he again led the country against the US in the Philippines-America War between and during which he was captured ending his Presidency and dissolving the Republic.

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He unsuccessfully ran for the Presidency in losing to Manuel Quezon. He died on February 6,due to coronary thrombosis. He became the first Senate President to be elected President and also the first President to be elected through a national election.

During his tenure, he largely resolved the pressing issue of much needed land reform, as the lingering legacy of the Colonial Spanish land ownership system continued to plague the countryside with institutionalized income disparity and inescapable poverty among the rural masses.

He also reorganized island military defense and promoted foreign relations and commerce.

List of Philippine Presidents and Vice-Presidents

To some extent, he managed to root out corruption and mismanagement in the government. He exiled to the US upon the Japanese invasion where he died on August 1, He became the Fourth President of the Philippines upon the death of Quezon in at the age of 65 years.

He was able to restore the Government of Commonwealth of the Philippines upon the liberation of Manila. He died on October 19,at the age of Relations with the United States Philippines did not have a President between and because of the US military occupation of the country.

The sovereignty of the US was recognized in the country when the then President Emilio took an oath of allegiance to the US. However, the country has had a peaceful transition with the current President, Rodrigo Duterte, who is now serving as the 16th President.

He is notably pushing his government and law enforcement to wipe out the illegal drug trade in the Philippines. Duterte, however, is not entirely pleased with the still ongoing U.I would say that every Philippine has contributed something good to the Philippines.

So I cannot rank from best to worst. For instance, President Ferdinand Marcos, was deemed as a dictator, and plunder Philippines’ wealth for himself, but he has done a lot of infrastructure projects that still stand today, and that Filipinos benefit from.

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PHILIPPINE PRESIDENTS & VICE-PRESIDENTS LIST (with pictures of all the presidents of the Philippines) Philippine History Timeline of Philippine History Spanish Expeditions to the Philippines The Galleon Trade Gomburza Pact of Biak na Bato Tydings-McDuffie Law Battle of Manila Bay The Katipunan Filipino Flag The Spanish.

Philippine History. The Philippine legislature ratified the bill; a constitution, approved by President Roosevelt (Mar., ) was accepted by the Philippine people in a plebiscite (May); and Quezon was elected the first president (Sept.).

When Quezon was inaugurated on Nov. 15, , the Commonwealth of the Philippines was formally. Filipino statesman, leader of the independence movement, and first president of the Philippine Commonwealth established under United States tutelage in First Philippine Republic President (Revolutionary Government/The Philippines under Spanish colonization).

President of the Philippines from to Declared martial law on September 21, After the People Power revolution in February , he was ousted from power and lived in exile in Honolulu, Hawaii. Corazon Cojuangco Aquino ( –) President of the Philippines from to Philippine History/Presidents.

From Wikibooks, open books for an open world Philippine History. The incumbent president as of present time is Rodrigo Duterte Legend (PDP-Laban; Philippine Democratic Party-People's Power).

List of Philippine Presidents and Vice-Presidents