My favourite season monsoon

Please note that here we have given a different kind of essay. That is very common. Drinking water supply is a growing problem in India and rain is the main source of it.

My favourite season monsoon

It means differently to each of us though it is unanimously welcomed. Every year India awaits the Monsoons even more desperately than the last. Apart from our economy depending largely on it, most of us are just looking for excuses to get away from our routine.

It seems to be the one escape for chai and conversations, for book in bed, for music in the living room or for exploring the different textures of nature.

Long and Short Essay on Rainy Season in English

If I had it my way, I would revisit some of my favourite Monsoon memories. On the road in Shillong Shillong is the quintessential hill station with green hills bordering every view, with roads packed with Marutiwith cute houses and coloured winter wear in each corner.

Undoubtably, my favourite season in my hometown is Winter; though I have lovely memories of witnessing the rains from my window. As Shillong acquires different tones of green after the first showers, the roads open up to limitless drives.

I always miss stopping the car in the middle of nowhere for some visual respite or taking an unknown detour. The rains in this megacity bring a certain vulnerability to it. Even though every day gets tougher, I have seen people spend more time in reflecting and desiring to be outdoors.

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It pours for a few hours, halts traffic, irks its residents and moves on to the neighbouring states. Why would I still be nostalgic about it? It is a time of melancholic completeness.

My favourite season monsoon

The yellow lights from home reflecting on each drizzle As Begum Akhtar sang Amrita Das Amrita is a freelance travel writer and professional travel blogger.

She has been contributing to some of the top publications in India and internationally. She propagates female solo travel and shares her experiences from off-beat, culture and adventure travel through her writing.Nov 23,  · To my rough recollection, by now I must have written at least fifteen blog posts on my favourite time of the year in Pune where I live.

It is our monsoon season. It is our monsoon season. It is one of our three main seasons, the other two being Summer and winter. Monsoon is my favourite season for some certain aspects. First of all, this is the season when the temperature is under complete control.

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The cultural capital of India, Chennai is visited throughout the year. Normally, winter is considered as a good time for tourism purpose but recently, a trend to visit Chennai during monsoon season . My favourite rain song is Rim Jhim Gire Saawan: Salim Merchant Composer Salim Merchant (of the musician duo Salim-Sulaiman fame) loves the monsoon season.

He says, “My favourite song is 'Rim. Ugh, monsoon season in Korea, where I live is hideous. Neverending rain, a sky of just blah grey and temperatures as high as All I want to do is escape the country during that time and it looks like Thailand has a much better go of it plus it’s one of my favourite places on earth (even got married there), and headed back in a month!


Timeless Environments: I love the Monsoon Season