Ikea global marketing report

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Ikea global marketing report

The global education industry is set to experience strong expansion, due to government support, increasing enrolment ratios and growing importance of adult education.

The vast youth population will be the major factor pioneering growth in the Asia Pacific region, with China, India and Indonesia being the Ikea global marketing report. The ageing population and growing middle-class will also play an important role for the development of the adult education segment.

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Indian educational institutions were the most profitable globally inwhilst China had the largest education industry in absolute terms.

However, due to huge demographics, revenues per capita were well below the average in developed countries, indicating strong growth potential. Developed nations have larger adult and other education sectors, while developing nations lead in primary education Populations in developed countries are ageing rapidly, while the concentration of the youth population in developing and emerging nations is high.

As a result, the Philippines and India lead according to the number of primary education institutions, while EU members such as France, Norway and Spain have the volume advantage in adult and other education. Yet the perception remains that private schooling increases the chances of success.

Public spending in developed countries is double that in developing countries Government support for education per capita in developed countries is far higher than in developing countries, which can be explained by both the resourcefulness of developed nations and the high and growing populations of developing nations.

Technology is becoming one of the most important tools for education Education institutions are investing more in software solutions than in technology hardware. Top-performing education systems invest in teaching staff The top performers in PISA South Korea and Singapore primarily invest in highly educated teaching staff.

Competitive salaries, as well as public and government trust, are the major factors putting the teaching profession in line with law and medicine professionals. China and India will accommodate the largest number of seniors; however, the growth of the older population will be the highest in the Middle East.

Coupled with the growing middle-class and increasing resources for education, these regions will be especially attractive for continuous learning companies. China and India will be frontrunners according to revenues; however, Indonesia is expected to make it into the top 10 countries, noting the strengthening position of the whole region.

Ikea global marketing report

Engineering and technology programmes to grow in popularity The rate of unemployed with higher education in developed countries will remain higher than in developing nations, due to differences in the levels of remuneration.

Engineering and technology science programmes will see increasing popularity.

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In spite of the relative strengths that IKEA have accumulated with its long history of international retail business, it is widely argued that internationalization of retailers is a .

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