Harvard law career services cover letter

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Harvard law career services cover letter

These summer associate positions are known for their lucrative pay, lavish events and light workload.

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Of course, it may seem odd to worry about the workplace protections for a population making more than three times[9] the median household income, as these protections are naturally far more crucial to workers who lack such resources and networks. Yet these associates represent the future of much of the legal profession — many will go on to government jobs or to advise corporate clients on their own employment practices — and thus their expectations for adequate anti-discrimination and harassment policies have the power to affect a much broader population of workers.

The legal profession has yet to fully grapple with the MeToo movement, despite a handful of scandals. A social media uproar ensued as students, faculty members, and many in the legal community rejected the policy as unacceptable in the MeToo era.

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The backlash was effective; within 72 hours, Munger Tolles issued a public apology and rescinded its policy. When other firms failed to follow suit, students at several schools organized to push school administrators to act.

The student press release accompanying the results points out that some of the nonresponsive firms appear to also use these practices, raising obvious questions about why so many employers elected not to respond.

At a minimum that means requiring the nonresponsive firms to answer the survey — but disclosure alone is not enough.

Harvard Career Services Cover Letter

Failure to do so puts women and other minority students in an impossible situation: This is precisely the type of discriminatory treatment our civil rights laws aim to eradicate.

Recently, every single state attorney general signed a letter asking Congress to support legislation that would render mandatory arbitration provisions inapplicable to sexual harassment claims,[25] and congressional action on these issues is especially urgent given the U.

Harvard law career services cover letter

Institutions like Harvard Law School wield enormous power over the legal profession. They owe it to their students to use that influence to push our future employers to create the fair and equal work environments we deserve to enter into upon graduation.

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Jason Iuliano is a research fellow at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and a Ph.D. candidate in the Politics Department at Princeton University. His . Your cover letter is an excellent opportunity to communicate your personality, enthusiasm and professional strengths to an employer.

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