Essay on identity and belonging witness

In Witness he provides the film audience with a window onto the world of the Amish in America. They keep themselves separate from the rest of society, believing that worldliness in the form of such modern developments as cars, tractors, electricity and telephones will distract them from devotion to God and living a simple life. Predominantly farmers, the Amish preserve traditional ways, wear plain, old-fashioned clothing and have a strong, supportive community spirit.

Essay on identity and belonging witness

Witness Identity and Belonging: We believe it is wrong to take a life. That is only for God. Book also faces the riveting dilemma to assert or deny his disreputable love with Rachel as well as apprehend where he truly belongs.

Need essay sample on Identity and Belonging: Throughout the film, the complexities of parallel worlds are explored where the different worlds begin to sporadically intertwine.

The passiveness of the Amish is explored as they are depicted as being self-cast as outsiders, basing their lives solely on natural things due to their own stringent belief that it will bring them closer to God. He is inescapably surrounded by it, so much so that he is not completely oblivious to the corruption occurring within the very organisation that is meant to oppose it, his own police department.

Essay on identity and belonging witness

At a further contrast, the contemporary society Essay on identity and belonging witness the Americans deem to be utterly dependant on technology, not just as helpful tools but also for ones own sense of luxury. In the film, when Book is in town with Eli accompanied by other Amish they are ambushed by tourists who simply treat them as though they are placed there for their own amusement, the Amish are not acknowledged as being actual human beings.

Though Book has sufficiently failed in his attempts to conform to the ways of the Amish, it is evident that he finally makes a connection with the Amish community during the traditional barn-raising scene in the film where Book helps out and realises that for the Amish, community is more important than any other modern necessity.

During the course of the film, Book and Rachel begin to grow affectionate for one another. The attraction between the two only grows stronger as the film progresses and Weir uses intended camera angles and film techniques to represent a change in the status quo. When Book and Rachel are together, they are always filmed through doorways.

Book is depicted as always being in the doorway, symbolising that he cannot get past it whereas Rachel is always in through it. However, as the attraction grows stronger, specifically after they kiss, Book talks to Rachel through the door of chicken wire, the holes in the wire imply that Book can now get through to the Amish community yet some of his own identity and predispositions will always remain behind the chicken wire.

More so the attraction is shown within the scene in the barn in which Book is fixing his car with his radio on, an ultimate defiance of the ways of the Amish, to which Rachel responds positively.

They begin to dance and although Book appreciates the moment, he does not fully understand that he is breaching the wishes of the elders in the community and ominously causes Rachel to act in such a manner which is stupendously frowned upon by her peers.

Though they come from two different worlds, hold different values, nd live different lives, their emotions and feelings towards one another prove to be the same.

Essay on identity and belonging witness

Eventually Book comes to terms with his limitations and realises that he does not belong in Lancaster County with Rachel despite his utmost attempts to try and change himself in order to belong.

Book remains too dependant on things from his world and his reliance on technology bounds him. The life lessons and fixed ways in which Book continuously holds onto prove to a big part of his identity that to completely disregard them would be a vital sacrifice.

Having a place to belong is essential to identity and life lessons taught prove to be guidance throughout life. It is essential to belong and people will try and change themselves in order to feel as though they fit in. However, to merge two completely different worlds together would be controversial and ultimately unprincipled.

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The love shared between Book and Rachel would never work because they were two different, they were bestowed with different values, different upbringings and essentially different morals. He knows it, and you know it, too.The Amish community in the film Witness, directed by Peter Weir, is seen to prioritise belonging over individuality.

All the Amish people dress ‘plain’ which symbolises their high regard for affinity. Identity and Belonging Essay Words | 3 Pages. Identity Nd Belonging Essay Words | 8 Pages. Aug 01,  · Context: Identity and belonging - Witness Hahah im also writing an essay on witness.

I like how you open up your essay with that question, really grasps the reader's attention. I can never think of anything good to open with, so i just go with the normal boring intro. "the need to belong is blah blah blah" at least yours is entertaining to.

English Essay – ‘Witness’ by Peter Weir The film witness, directed by Peter Weir is a crime/drama that develops the theme of conflict on a social, cultural and personal level.

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These areas of conflict are highlighted through the use of film techniques such as; camera . Oct 30,  · “Sometimes it is hard to balance belonging to a group with keeping one’s individual identity.” As a member of a group, an individual faces an internal conflict of two interests; desire to satisfy its personal interests and the need to belong.

Identity and Belonging prompts: There are costs to the individual in belonging to a group. In the modern world, there are obstacles to maintaining personal independence.

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