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His mother, Emily, is his inspiration.

Coach k

There probably isn't a job in college sports with more curiosity behind Who's Next. Given his stature, given that his name's on the damn court, given that he has a case for being the greatest coach in men's college basketball history, it's long been presumed that Krzyzewski will have significant say in his selecting his successor and that said successor will come from his coaching tree.

Who might that be, and will outside factors have significant influence on who ultimately takes the clipboard from Krzyzewski? Industry sources -- and those who have worked for K -- largely agree on the candidate pool at this stage. There is a former K assistant who's found success, perhaps so much that Coach k won't retreat back to college: Quinn Snyder, who's thriving with the Utah Jazz.

Coach k

He may be an NBA -only guy from here on out. Duke has the pull to capture the attention of almost any huge name in basketball, Coach k at this point, those targets aren't clear nor is the administration's intentions on looking outside the fraternity of Coach K.

So as of now there is a cram among the Duke alumni and at this point it's hard to forecast any true leader -- because the variables surrounding each candidate could be different two years from now, let alone four or five. Marquette coach Steve Wojciechowski would be a natural fit at Duke.

Wojciechowski, 42, is about to enter his fifth season with the Golden Eagles. Wojciechowski starred at Duke, where he played from and earned the moniker "Wojo. FromWojciechowski was an assistant under Krzyzewski, making him one of the longest tenured assistants in Duke history.

Why it could be him: Industry sources in recent years have maintained a belief that Wojciechowski is a slight favorite to land the Duke gig. Krzyzewski's relationship with Wojo, dating back to his playing days, has long been acknowledged as one of his closest.

Whenever Krzyzewski leaves, if Wojciechowski is in a position of reasonable success at Marquette, that could be his launchpad for a return to Durham.

Why it wouldn't be him: Getting the Duke job will require more than Coach K's endorsement; the successor is almost certainly going to have to bring a good track record as a coach in a power conference. Capel has a record, with previous stops at VCU and Oklahoma His tenure at Oklahoma ended amid aftermath of recruiting violations made by his staff.

Capel was never implicated in the wrongdoing; a rash of transfers ultimately torpedoed the program. He played at Duke from and served as an assistant to Krzyzewski from Capel, 43, has a lot of head coaching experience already and by the time Krzyzewski retires, he figures to have even more, so long as Pitt is succeeding.

Coach K Becomes Winningest Division I Coach He did not test himself with challenges outside of his comfort zone. But he would face his first experiences of challenge and failure when he attended the United States Military Academy at West Point for college.

Plus, Capel's reputation as a recruiter of premier, five-star talent ascended in recent years as Duke continually landed top-two classes and competed with while occasionally beating Kentucky annually on the recruiting trail.

If Capel's to be the guy, he needed to take another coaching job. And in Pitt, he's got a great opportunity -- with no assurances it works. If Capel winds up treading water or worse with the Panthers, it's considered unlikely that he'd be tagged as Krzyzewski's inheritor of the throne.

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Oct 16,  · Coach K knows as much about corruption in college basketball as anyone, because he’s been involved with this sport for five decades. Duke has been playing the game for a long time. Which Coach K has essentially headed as the men’s national team coach for the last 10 years where he worked with some of Nike’s most high-profile athletes like LeBron James and Kevin Durant. Mike Krzyzewski net worth and salary: Mike Krzyzewski is an American college basketball coach who has a net worth of $25 million and annual salary of $ million.

As our name implies, we focus on improving your Sports Performance and we use both biomechanics and functional fitness to help you reach your goals. Coach K was also subject to group failures while at West Point. His freshman platoon was often instructed to dismiss from formation, go back to their rooms to change into a different uniform, and return in the same formation within three minutes.

Mike Krzyzewski net worth and salary: Mike Krzyzewski is an American college basketball coach who has a net worth of $25 million and annual salary of $ million. 47 rows · All logos are the trademark & property of their owners and not Sports Reference LLC.


We . – Mike Krzyzewski, from his book Beyond Basketball. If you’ve read my book, Think Like a Warrior, you know that Coach K’s advice sounds a lot like that of John Wooden’ both believe that success is dependent on how you answer one simple question: “Did you give you absolute best effort?”.

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