Barbing salon business plan in nigeria

If you have been considering this line of business I encourage you to take action and start but if you have been seeing this business as a low profit venture you need to have a rethink because you are wrong. A barbing salon is a place you cut, shave, style and groom your hair. One good thing about this business is that as a barber your service will always be needed because hair is constantly growing and you would be needed.

Barbing salon business plan in nigeria

There was a general belief that trade unions in the former British Colonial including Nigeria were not natural development as in the metropolitan countries, but rather a creature of the British Colonial office.

Inspite of this belief, there is no evidence to show that the British deliberately imported trade unionism into Nigeria for there had been in Lagos in the existence of a mechanics mutual and providence and improvement Association and inthe Lagos Merchantile Clerks Association was formed to safe guard the interest of clerks working for.

How To Set Up a Mobile Hair Barbing Salon The big picture was to make it easier for micro, small and medium enterprises to do business, grow and contribute to sustainable economic activity, and provide the jobs essential to improving social inclusion.

The merchanctile house in Lagos. In fact, group activities of this sort are strongly rooted in the Tribal Structure and organisation of hundreds, blacksmiths, carvers and weavers.

This was when a protest was launched against arbitrary changes in public working hours by the artisan workman in the works department. They embarked on a three days strike after which the then governor compromised has position and gave up threat of dismissal of the workers by agreeing to negotiate with workers.

The first formal union to develop in Nigeria was the civil service union founded in Others which followed suits were the Nigeria were the Nigerian Railway. Native staff union inand the Nigeria union of teachers which was formed in The formal control of unionism ordinance came in when the trade union ordinance was passed.

The ordinance had the effect of restricting the growth of mushroom-unions as the ordinance made it compulsory for union to be registered before it can go into negotiation with an employer on behalf of its members. Once the legal basis for unions has been established there major event help in the repaid growth of trade unionism in that they gave a sense of oneness to all the workers and encourage them to act closer.

The first of these was the grant of a cost of living allowance COLA to government employees in The second was the general strike of and the third was the Enugu shooting in The prospective of the Second World War by the British and the involvement of the colonies in the war effort had created economic difficulties in these territories.

This led the Railway union to demand for a cost of Living award The demand was turned down and crisis ensured. The committee recommended to the government to grant a cost of Living Allowance to all its members.

As a result, the total number of unions registered jumped or increased from 36 in to 77 in Unfortunately, after expanding their worth a good number of them dried and a lot of them dissolved after they had received their aim.

Prices of commodities were high and the economic conditions of the time were so hard that the workers demanded an increase in the cost of living awards of Government refusal resulted in a general strike which tasted for forty five 45 days.

As a result of the strike all the economic activities were paralysed. The government awarded another substantial increase in the local based on the cost of Living.

These economic gains made the workers to realize that unification was the best for achievement of their interest. Enugu shooting incident of also contributed in a rapid development of trade unionism in Nigeria. The circumstance leading to the tragic incident dated bank to when the colliery management were opposed to the existence of militant trade union in colliery.

This led to a number of disturbances in the colliery which resulted into strike that their grievances, the management dismissed the union leaders and on the 18th of November, a struggle ensured between the policemen posted there and the miners and about twenty one 21 of the defenseless miners were killed, and many others were wounded.

The form of collective relations between the employer and the employee or their unions can be treated under the context of employment contract, collective bargaining process and joint consultation.

The contract of employment is then first form of relationship between employer and the employee. The employment contract is a voluntary relationship which the parties may enter or agreed on terms. The contract is however subject to the general law of contract and the agreement is regarding as one, arrived at after bargaining.

The terms and conditions of employment agreed upon are protected by the labour ac6t of The law also requlate the hours of work, annual holidays, payment of wages, compulsory grant of maternity leave for female workers.

The labour decree ofprovides that when a worker joins a company, the employer, must provide him not later than three months with certain particulars which include: The scope of issues on which the parties can negotiate is usually defined but this could shift in course of events.

In Nigerian Industrial Relations system wage issues are predominate but issues such as social welfare and security are likely to overtake wages as time goes on.

The first major cause of conflict in an organisastion is the variance of objective of the worker or workers and the employer. The expectations of workers employer and the demand which they make upon each other are constantly disturbed and the ability and resourcefulness of both side adjust rapidly enough is far, and stretched ever to a breaking point in perpetuity.

G enumerated the causes of Industrial dispute as:How to Invest In Barbing Salon Business In Nigeria As An Entrepreneur 3 years ago How to Use Glo Android Data Plans On Blackberry Os10 Phones (Q5, Q10, Z3, Z10, And Z30) 2 years ago How to Start Palm Oil Business In Nigeria.

Dec 26,  · How to Start a Barbershop. In this Article: Becoming a Barber Securing Startup Capital Attending to Business Regulations Establishing and Growing Your Business Community Q&A Starting your own barbershop is a big decision.

barbing salon business plan in nigeria

However, if you are passionate about cutting hair, it can be a rewarding line of work. Business & Personal Loans in Nigeria with or without Collateral: Apply Now Online. This is a detailed guide on Business & Personal Loans in Nigeria with or without Collateral.

It is our earnest belief and expectation that this guide will go a long way in helping you to get a loan and establish your business here in Nigeria. April 24, – Pictures: Inside Odunlade Adekola’s Unisex Barbing Salon & Beauty Shop In Abeokuta Ogun State Check out the interior photos of Odunlade Adekola’s beauty shop in Abeokuta, Ogun State..

The beauty shop named D3 Executive Concept opened for business .

Making a Living From Barbing In Nigeria August 17, Tips No comments A young graduate of Enugu State University, Emeka James, has taken on the big Barbing salons and rewritten the rules of ashio-midori.comHIN BABATOPE reports.

May 28,  · Decide whether to start a new business or run an established one. Setting up a hair salon from scratch is a great option if you want a challenge, but you can also buy an established salon if you prefer an option with a little less risk involved.

Barbing Salon Business Plan in Nigeria / Feasibility Study - Business Plan