An analysis of the wheel of the history running forward all the time

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An analysis of the wheel of the history running forward all the time

The Creator imprisons the Dark One in a prison outside the pattern.

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Creation is followed by the unending turning of the wheel forcing the changing of ages. There are 7 ages which repeat endlessly. The following ages are just 1 of the myriad of turnings of the wheel. The First Age Little is known of this age, save that humanity built the portal stones during this time[ verify ] and allegedly traveled to the moon and into space.

Very likely some overlap with real-world history, prior to the ending of the Age. The Age of Legends Edit The Age of Legends Under the guidance of the Aes Sedaiboth men and women who can channel the One Powerhumanity achieves a golden age of peace, prosperity and enlightenment, along with their allies, the Ogierand sentient constructs such as the Nym.

High technology is achieved and used to entertain and educate the masses. The world is administered from the city of Paaran Disen. Society begins a slow descent into barbarism and fear. The existence of the Dark One and the location of the earthly end of its prison at the island of Shayol Ghul become known, and many swear allegiance to its service, becoming the first Friends of the Dark.

Several prominent Aes Sedai turn to the Shadowbecoming the first of the Forsaken. Aginor begins breeding the Shadowspawn. The War of the Shadow begins. Many successes are achieved during this phase of the war for the Light, but they are unable to achieve a decisive, final victory.

Two plans are proposed to avoid this: The Hall of the Servants becomes divided along gender lines, with the women favoring the former and the men the latter plan. However, at the moment of victory the Dark One taints saidindriving the Hundred Companions insane instantly.

Other men succumb to the taint and join the insanity. Lews Therin Telamon is given a moment of sanity by Ishamael and commits suicide, forming the mountain of Dragonmount [2] in the process. The Prophecies of the Dragon begin to take shape. The Ogier are separated from their steddingbeginning the Long Exile.

The Breaking lasts between and years. During this time the human race and the Ogier are brought to the edge of extinction. The known continents shatter and disappear beneath the waves.

The world is remade and most of the civilization of the Age of Legends is lost. The Breaking ends when the last male channeler is finally executed or gentled by a female. Before the Breaking is fully over, a group of Aes Sedai store Callandor within a fortress known as the Stone of Tearwhich they create with the One Power.

The Ogier rediscover the stedding, but are unable to leave for long periods without succumbing to the Longing. The land of Shara is also unified soon after the Breaking, while the landmass of Seanchan becomes a battleground between Shadowspawn and the survivors of the Breaking.

The channelers of Seanchan bring exotic, dangerous animals into our world via the portal stones, and the Shadowspawn are wiped out in the Seanchan continent.

An analysis of the wheel of the history running forward all the time

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