A comparison of different contest shows such as the x factor americas got talent american idol and t

Simon Cowellcreator of Britain's Got Talent and the Got Talent franchise, has been a judge on the British version since it began in The show's format was devised by X Factor creator and Sony Music executive, Simon Cowellwho was involved in the creation of other Got Talent programmes across several different countries. To showcase his idea, a pilot episode was filmed in Septemberwith the judging panel consisting of Cowell, Fern Britton at the time, presenter of This Morningas well as tabloid journalist Piers Morgan. But I told the producers they were having a joke if they thought I would front a show with that title.

A comparison of different contest shows such as the x factor americas got talent american idol and t

Separate the adult and child acts, or lose your long-time loyal core audience! The cuteness factor isn't the only reason results get badly skewed and kid acts should be in a separate section from the adult acts.

There's also our protective instinct, especially among adult voters and judges, to not want the kids to be discouraged, disappointed or cry. This was honestly a big factor for a lot of us in our neighborhood block party voting for Darci in Season She made that significant mistake in the finals amid an overall solid performance, but, this if anything made us more prone to vote for her because she's a kid.

It wouldn't have disqualified an adult either, AGT performers in general are often working on their acts and as viewers, we're fine with occasional mistakes, it's just that it wouldn't have been a big factor either way. But we could all see Darci was clearly upset before gathering herself, and recall we fretted about the possibility of Darci feeling haunted down the road if she felt she'd lost because of it-- a kid wouldn't necessarily know that it wasn't, in reality, a big factor.

So Darci's mistake actually got us to vote for her even more, for an adult the effect would have been just neutral. Same with Grace Vanderwaal on many of her performances when she was struggling with the right key, the chords on her ukulele or just projecting her voice, we didn't want this cute, gangly, nervous looking kid to feel haunted by mistakes down the road.

The protective instinct, and just instinctually wanting to give performing kids an early boost by both kid and adult voters, skew the results. We parents know how much our kids are into Youtube, Instagram and other social media more than us grown ups are, not just because of the environment they've been raised in but also, our work and family responsibilities mean we can't spare the time for it.

And since AGT's audience more and more tilts in direction of teens and preteen kids in school, that's another skew when adults and the young kids are thrown together. Grading on a curve. Just like with the cuteness factor, AGT forces us to do this by throwing together adults and kids who are in different worlds, and we wind up comparing "potential talent" and talent for a kid's age versus the realized, polished talent of adult performers who've sunk years of work and passion into what they do.

Grace was a huge beneficiary of this because in her cute, gangly awkwardness and earnestness, and in the way she was clearly battling her nerves and anxiety while performing, we saw a diamond-still-in-the-rough.

She was a while away from mastering her act, but we saw she had potential to be a star singer later on, so we were voting for that potential talent to be realized down the road and not necessarily what was in front of us. This makes it completely impossible, in fact a joke, to try and draw comparisons to adult performers who are performing as more accomplished or established acts.

Same with Darci, who again was a lot more experienced and seasoned than Grace but still clearly a lot of room for improvement, which is to be expected even for a talented kid.

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Just physically Darci is probably built to be a ventriloquist, she has very thin lips and a jaw structure that helps to conceal mouth movement and she'd practiced enough to become very good, still there were many times when we could see the movement during talking or singing and her teeth were visible during her acts.

This would've been distracting in a performance by an adult such as Terry or Paul, but for a kid, we could ignore it because she was amazing for her age, and the occasional "off-ness" if anything made her even cuter. So again, how are we supposed to make the comparison?

If comparing on just pure talent and skill without regard to age, then not only Light Balance but also Diavolo, Colin Cloud, Mandy Harvey-- who maybe represents what Grace could become with practice-- and even some other adult acts eliminated earlier were superior.

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But again we grade on a curve, and Darci got the benefit. The only kid performer who approached the performance level of an adult professional was Jackie Evancho, and maybe also Taylor Ware on Season 1 who by then, was one of the country's top yodelers for any age category.

And we're not saying this is impossible.

A comparison of different contest shows such as the x factor americas got talent american idol and t

There are after all some things kids in general out-do adults in, like mastering chords on some instruments or learning to speak and act in new ways.

And of course there are prodigies like Mozart, Lizst, Beethoven and lots of other composers or scientists who were out-performing almost all adults by standard measures when they were 9 or But this is pretty rare, and the messiness of putting the kids and adults in the same section, with the cuteness and protective factors out-weighing objective considerations of the performance, obscure real appraising of the talent itself.

It would actually be even more easily discovered when the kids and adults are in separate groups, and with the cute kids doing their acts in the same section with each other, we can concentrate more easily on what's in front of us.

This after all isn't like chess, judo, Scrabble or checkers where we have an objective measure for the kids and adults to compete on, and where the kids often can and do beat the adults the way the kid grandmasters do in chess.

Subjective things like the cuteness factor and wanting to protect the kids psychologically become decisive given all the different types of acts on AGT, and it just creates a mess that's becoming less and less enjoyable for their audiences.

Seasons like Season 11 or 12 become self-mockery in retrospect.

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Not to mention the kid acts get a huge amount of marketing and promotion both on and off the show particularly due to that cuteness and novelty factor, way above and beyond the adult acts, that further skews the results. We remember in Season 11 that one of the early numbers broadcast only allowed us to vote for Grace, we couldn't even vote for others in the field until after that initial bit of promotion!

America's Got Talent and all the Got Talent shows after all are based on the school talent shows in middle school and elementary school to begin with, so it's sort of designed in theme and structure for kids to be the main attraction.

But then it doesn't make sense to toss adult performers in the same group. To be honest, we as viewers just don't know what to do with it and the lumping-together comes off to us as not only unfair due to different criteria and expectations, but awkward and forced.

It doesn't make for good TV.May 12,  · Watch video · America's Got Talent is expanding with a new contest featuring past competitors from the U.S. and affiliated editions around the world. America's Got Talent: The Champions, which will run this. Highfive is an insanely simple video conferencing solution.

Highfive is a plug & play video conferencing solution that works straight out-of-the-box. Start a trial! X Factor and Saturday Night Takeaway got into big trouble for this back in when an independent report by auditor Deloitte revealed.

Aug 29,  · In season 12, NBC's America's Got Talent follows Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel in their talent search, showcasing unique performers from across the country. NBC's popular summer talent competition and American TV show, America's Got Talent, has been presented by several different celebrities since , from Regis Philbin to current presenter Tyra Banks.

The show gives people all around the world the chance to perform in front of judges for the opportunity to showcase their talent and receive prizes. May 12,  · “ ‘American Idol’ has been such a vital part of Fox for its run.” “American Idol” began in and was a huge success just as reality shows began sweeping through all of television.

Britain's Got Talent (often abbreviated to BGT) is a televised British talent show competition, broadcast on ITV. It is part of the global Got Talent franchise created by Simon Cowell, and is produced by both Thames (formerly Talkback Thames) and Syco Entertainment production, with Created by: Simon Cowell.

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